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The process by which a mobile app is developed specifically for mobile devices, like personal digital assistants, mobile phones and other hand held devices are called mobile applications. Such applications can either be installed at the manufacturing level along with the operating system or can be installed after being launched, as standalone products. Constraints and contexts such as screen, input, and mobility are taken up as the basic outlines for design of such applications. The policy administrations desired to advance, deploy and manage mobile apps are prepared from many constituents and implements allowing the developer to write, test and position applications into the objective settings.


Mobile applications are generally developed considering their target platforms. However there are certain mobile applications that are designed to perform on multiple operating systems or platforms which are known as cross platform applications.

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Our advanced technology and constant upgrading of technical expertise is a regular exercise in order to keep the efficiency and the levels of productivity at the highest rank.

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Zerone Corporation was established in 2005 and is the leading software outsourcing company in Vietnam. We provide exceptional software outsourcing services and solutions to companies worldwide.

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